ArteFact Newsletter: February 2016


Hello all,

Please find updates on meetings planned for ArteFact members as well as upcoming opportunities and festivals


Brisbane: If you are interested in being part of a Brisbane lunch/meeting/catch-up in February and have yet to get in contact, please do by entering your preferred days on the doodle scheduling page (check for an emailed invitation from Sofia on the 31st of January). If you did not receive a link to the doodle page, email and we will send you one. A key purpose of the meeting is to chat about directions that ArteFact can take, including projects to start on.

Melbourne: Please get in contact if you are interested in a Melbourne catch up by emailing Similar to the Brisbane catch up, the key purpose is to have a chat about the direction of ArteFact and possible projects, including an ArteFact exhibition in Melbourne.

Opportunities and Involvement

1. ArteFact blog: any ideas you are itching to share, reviews of exhibitions, artist biographies, overviews of techniques and resources for science communication, and further……………if you have a piece you would like to write for the ArteFact blog please get in contact by emailing We will post these on the website and post a link via the ArteFact International facebook page.

2. Twitter: We have yet to fill the volunteer role to coordinate an ArteFact Twitter account. Please yell out if you are interested in doing so:

3. Volunteer Opportunity for a garden design exhibit

Heather and Peter Forward will be entering a garden design into the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show (MIFGS) in March, with Heather Forward as garden designer and Peter Forward (a member of ArteFact) working with Heather as a support artist. Their garden design aims to ‘encourage viewers to contemplate habitat and species loss issues’.

Heather and Peter are on the lookout for volunteers for this project during the MIFGS:
If you are interested, please email and I’ll put you in contact with Peter.

4. Science Gallery Melbourne, shared by Tanya Straka: Science Gallery Melbourne to open in 2018:

‘Science Gallery Melbourne is a planned new space, focused on 15–25 year olds, where art and science collide. Planned to open in 2018, Science Gallery Melbourne is a flagship engagement project for the University of Melbourne, it will engage visitors in cutting edge research in science, the arts and design, bringing together researchers, students, local communities and artists in new and innovative ways to stimulate fresh thinking.’

5. Birdlife Australia call for exhibition participants, as shared by Kate Cranney:

‘To celebrate 20 years of conserving birds through the Threatened Bird Network (TBN), we are calling all artists to submit works to an up and coming exhibition, Birds + Us.’

Expressions of interest to contribute to the exhibition are due on Monday February 29th 2016.

6. The Visualisation, Big Data, Art and Science Festival 2016:

18th-19th February 2016 at the Queensland University of Technology’s Garden Point Campus, Brisbane, with registration due by Friday February 12th

The festival ‘is designed to inspire audiences and demonstrate how mathematical sciences, models and various visualisation techniques are closely linked with creativity, story-telling and artistic expression.’

7. Sydney Science Festival, as shared by Payal Bal:

‘Sydney Science Festival returns from 11-21 August 2016 with 11 huge days of talks by some of the world’s best researchers, hands-on workshops, exhibitions, events for family and panel discussions.’

The festival organisers are calling out for expressions of interest to be involved