Happy 2017

It’s time Artefact..time to wake up this beast, oil the gears, get us movin’ n groovin’ our way back into a new year of conservation communication. The art, the music, the drama behind it all. It’s time to use it, abuse it and fuse it..art and conservation science. It’s time to really start thinking of what new we can do this year!

So much has happened this past year and so many have shouted foul that hardly anyone, if at all, is listening. But with all the changes, politically and environmentally, it feels like we’re on a another planet. One that we don’t recognise and don’t understand. We need to put our heads together and figure out how to talk about conservation in this new era.

Conservationists, mathematicians, anthropologists, musicians, actors…all of you Artefact members, each an artist in their own right, we need to get in touch, have some beers, plan some events, write some blogs. Let’s start talking! Let’s get in touch with each other and start our own little projects, inventions and adventures in conservation communication. After all, that is what Artefact is really about.

So get in touch, give us ideas for things we could do, should do, groups we can get in touch with, how we can promote ourselves, who we want to be in 2017. We’re all ears and looking for work! Post here or email us at: artefact.conservation@gmail.com
Or just drop in to say hello 🙂

HAPPY 2017 Artefact! So glad to have you all on board.

(P.s. Sorry for using such an old pic. Shows, it really is time we got back in touch!)