Corinne Weidmann

I’m a Swiss artist, based in London UK. Iuna Tinta is my visual universe through which I transform messages, my own observations and impressions into images.

I am a bridge between illustration and art, with a pinch of typography thrown in. The last few years (before I came to London) I’ve spent living in Costa Rica and Canada while producing board designs and artwork for Roxy Snowboards, Quiksilver and others. I’m inspired by the colours and shapes of pre-Columbian America, dark northern fairytales and the representations of animals in Japanese Shintoism.

Before I became self employed as a visual artist, I graduated in Graphic Design. The fact that you break down complex information into a core essence and transform it into images that are understood, is a very powerful tool I think. I have always been quite proud of this education – and it’s a massive desire to use it combined with illustration / art to spread conservation messages. So in many ways this group seems to be exactly what I wanted to do, and what I think is important. I also feel that the fact that Science messages are often too complicated for the public is a major problem in this world. In general, that messages are just thrown out and it’s often not really visible to see the relations or what it really means.

Due to the years abroad I got the chance to get to know people all over the world and I also speak a couple of languages now. To be born and bred in Switzerland means that I have a strong connection to nature and I naturally care for it.

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