Diego Pitta de Araujo


What do you do?

I just completed my PhD thesis, in which I promote and apply 3D computer graphics as a tool to perform scientific research. I used 3D modeling and animation software to create 3D models of flies, animate their behaviour and perform biomechanical simulations. I also propose new ways to visualize morphological data, including using online tools such as Sketchfab (https://sketchfab.com). So, by academic formation, I am someone that is interested in arthropods and other animals as well.

I am also an artist, performing both traditional and digital art. I like to do concept art. No, not the conceptual art that is a representation of an idea (Conceptualism), but the art that creates a concept of a character or environment to be used in comics, book illustrations, games or movies, although concept art is beautiful enough to stand by itself. In traditional media, I use pencil, pen, ink, markers and watercolour. In digital media, I am improving my digital painting skills (using GIMP and Krita) and, as noted above, in 3D, I can do low poly modeling, digital sculpting, texturing, composting, a bit of animation and simulations (all in Blender). I am also becoming very fond of fractal art, and I am doing a lot of 3D fractal art also as a way to create concepts, especially of environments.

I am trying to learn a bit of game development using game engines (Unreal Engine 4 and Unity), because I think games are a wonderful storytelling medium, and also the future of real-time scientific visualization (as well as virtual experimentation).

Where are you originally from?




What inspires you?

Small little details in nature (sometimes microscopic or even nanoscopic). Things like a spider-web, weird flies or treehoppers (search for Diopsids and Membracids and you know what I am talking about), the feet of geckos and the scales on butterflies wings. Almost everything that we constructed, be it an airplane, a building or the internet, be it a dragon for a fantasy story or an alien for some sci-fi movie… They are all based on what we have seen in the world around us.

Human creations that inspire me: Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri, Dead’s Poets Society, several Animes and Mangas, board games and computer games, Epic Music such as creations by “2 Steps from Hell”, “Thomas Bergersen”, “Audiomachine”, “Immediate Music”, geometry and fractals!

People that inspire me: Ian McCaig, Boris Vallejo, Ilya Kuvshinov, Will Terry, Will Terrel, Noah Bradley, Julius Horsthuis, Reynante Martinez, Gleb Alexandrov, to cite a few…

 Contact: heliophaninae@gmail.com

 Website: http://heliophaninae.wix.com/daedalusforge