Geof Hill

Geoff Hill

Dr Geof Hill has been a Management Consultant for thirty five years. Since training as a Work Study analyst in 1980s he has developed consultancies in Business, Health, Education and Mining. He has held academic positions in courses which develop professionals for the fields in which he consults. His consultancy work and his university teaching now focus on professional practice and people seeking to advance their professional practice through a range of investigative processes.

Geof champions marriage between creative expression and research. His first one-man cabaret on ‘Being a Reflective Practitioner’ was written in 1995. His doctoral dissertation included a one-man cabaret  on ‘Doing a Doctorate’, and in the context of his post-doctoral work in research supervision practices, he wrote and performed a one-man cabaret on ‘Research Supervision’ at the International Conference on Quality Postgraduate Research in Adelaide, Australia in 2006. Geof’s current research into reflective practice has been presented in cabaret in 2014 at the International Enhancing Practice conference in Toronto, Canada and the Inaugural Advancement Services conference in Brisbane, Australia.

Geof is the principal author and instigator of ‘The research supervisor’s friend’ – a WordPress blog.