Katherine Claire Cranney

My name is Kate. I am an artist and environmental scientist, originally from western Queensland. I am now in my second year of a Master of Science (Botany) at the Uni of Melbourne. I rediscovered the joys of art (and fiction) after I finished a dual Bachelor of Laws/ Environmental Science degree. Be gone Corporate Law textbook, with your 962 pages of translucent paper! Fare thee well, Trusts textbook, with your obscure cover of a dolphin breaching across a sunset! Since graduating I have had art exhibitions in Brisbane, Melbourne, and in the Torres Strait, where I lived most recently, working with the Land and Sea Rangers. I am fumbling my way into art: I am self-taught, and look back on old work with equal parts pride and embarrassment. Art, for me, is how I document where I’m living at the time: combining local flora, fauna and fungi (some images are online at www.katecranney.com). Most of all, I love the immediacy of drawing. I’m looking forward to contributing to Artefact, and continuing to combine my three loves: art, science and story-telling.