Kwok Peng Leong

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What do you do?

I am currently the Vice President and Acting Chair for the Conservation Committee of the Nature Society (Singapore). Over the years, I have spearheaded several conservation projects in Singapore such as the relocation of coral reefs in the 1990s and the launch of coffee table book “Singapore Waters: Unveiling our seas” that showcases Singapore’s marine biodiversity. My most recent successful project is the Green Corridor, a proposal to keep a Railway land as a nature corridor; I currently serve as a member of the Rail Corridor Partnership Committee under the Ministry of National Development (Singapore). Previously, I was a Senior Manager in the petrochemical industry for the past 15 years before I went on to pursue my Masters in Environmental Management. Subsequently, I co-founded Edu Outdoor Activities, a company that specializes in outdoor education and camps for schools and corporations.

Where are you originally from?



Neither – more like an activist/conservationist

What inspires you?

The diminishing natural landscape in Singapore