Scott Consaul Atkinson

My name is Scott Consaul Atkinson. I hail from Canada and Colorado and other places in between. I finished an MSc in conservation Biology at UQ last year and recently just started a research assistant job at the Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions (CEED). Some of my earliest and most favourite memories were of my mother putting a backpack on me, hiking away to and wondering in awe below alpine cirques in the wilderness areas of the Rocky Mountains. It was my revelation in a way. Later in my life I discovered the sea, and instantly understood why and how it has moved people over the eons. The flow of glaciers clinging to sculpted mountains peaks, the vivid colours of a maple tree changing in the autumn, schools of fish whirling in numbers uncountable to the eye, the otherworldly pulsating phosphorescence of ostrocods at sunset on a Caribbean reef;  from Thoreau to Muir, to Sabina and even James Cameron, nature is art and inspires art. So in a way, conservation works to preserve the basis for much of our collective inspiration much as a museum curator preserves works of art themselves. I think that, in turn, art can make the science and complexity of conservation science accessible; it can humanise it in a way that perhaps no other medium achieves in creating outreach and understanding. It personalises. It creates a connection. It can tell a story. It’s a story I want to help tell.