Simon Linke


I am Simon Linke – a researcher/lecturer at the Australian Rivers Institute interested in conservation of rare freshwater fauna. Apart from statistical methods and eDNA approaches, I am also using passive acoustics (ie listening) to detect and plan for rare fish species. This was also triggered by my second life as a musician and sound engineer. Together with Toby Gifford and Leah Barclay, I formed the cross-department “Griffith Bioacoustics Lab” (which is yet to be formally launched). Only founded in 2014, we have already collaborated on a bioacoustics art/science project in London “Listening to the Thames” as well as Leah’s ANAT Synapse residency program . Future endeavours are planned to include a variety of topics, from behavioural bioacoustics on the science end to using bioacoustics as a tool for community engagement.