ESA conference 2015

Thank you to Kate Cranney for providing this overview and organising for ArteFact members to contribute artwork at ESA 2015. Kate put forward the proposal to the ESA Conference organisers and collated the artworks for each symposia


Art and science, together in Adelaide! 

Seven ArteFact members contributed their artworks to the Ecological Society of Australia conference held in November/December 2015. The images were included in the conference program, with each symposium paired with an ‘interconnected’ piece of artwork.

Thank you to Kaigai event’s Tricia Hopkins for her help in pulling this together. And a hearty thank you to the artists for providing such stunning works. A number of people commented on being surprised that the images were created by fellow scientists.

I think it would be great to build on this small pilot at next year’s ESA – perhaps having an art exhibition alongside the photographic competition? Who knows!

For those playing at home, here are the artists and corresponding artist. Click on each image for a link to a description…………


Artefact artwork for the 2015 Ecological Society of Australia (ESA) Conference



Symposium 1: Advances in the ecology and management of production landscapes

Artist: Ascelin Gordon


Symposium 2: Joining the dots – the role of sanctuaries in biodiversity conservation

Artist: Peter Forward

(SMALL Peter Forward - Phascogale)
(SMALL Peter Forward - Departure lounge)
‘Departure lounge’

Symposium 3: Advances in urban ecology and research practice: solutions through communication, collaboration and coordination

Artists: Zoë Metherell and Tanja Straka

3. Bats and Wetlands PhD Illustration by Zoe Metherell - ver 3 more bats
The Shared Habitat: Understanding and Linking the Needs of Insectivorous Bats and People at Urban Wetlands

Symposium 4: Fire in Australia: how was the biota prepared for human occupation?

Artist: Elia Pirtle

4. Elia Pirtle
Desert Skink (Liopholis kintorei)

Symposium 6: Linking data to wildlife management through complex ecological models

Artist: Martina Di Fonzo

Martinac6. Martina (a)

6. Martina (b)
Logistic population declines

Symposium  7: Pollination ecology down-under: what’s its future?

Artist: Luis Mata

5. Luis Mata - Native bee
A native bee from the Megachilidae family
5. Luis Mata - G australia on senecio
An assassin bug (Gminatus australis)


Symposium 8: The contribution of private conservation organisations to advances in ecological understanding

Artist: Glen Norris

Australian kestrel (Falco cenchroides)


Symposium 9: Biological adaptation along environmental and bioclimatic gradients

Artist: Diego Pitta de Araujo

Fragmented Coral


Symposium 10: Modern ecology; challenges and opportunities

Artist: Millie Formby

Blue-winged kookaburra (Dacelo leachii) museum skins


Symposium 11: Landscape-scale Restoration of a Ramsar Wetland

Artist: Kate Cranney

Black-winged Stilt and Lake Wendouree


Symposium 12: Sustaining and Protecting Indigenous Ecological Knowledge

Artist: Gerry Turpin

12. Gerry Turpin (1)
Gerry Turpin with a grass tree (Xanthorrhoea sp.) at Emerald Range
12. Gerry Turpin - Hibiscus
Hibiscus (Hibiscus heterophyllus)
12. Gerry Turpin Kapok
Kapok (Cochlospermum gillivraei)


Symposium 13: Fire Regime Management – Connecting Science & Practice

Artist: Kate Cranney

(SMALL) 13. Kate Cranney - Dusky Antechinus
Dusky antechinus in the Otways