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Past Workshops

Cyanotype Making: A Bag Full of Blues
Date: 19 Sep 2015, Sat
Time: 11:00hr to 13:00hr
Instructor: Ms Kong Yen Lin

bagWith a seamless merging of arts and science, this workshop celebrates the beauty of Mother Nature through a traditional darkroom technique! Participants create cyanotype prints on tote bags using plants, or photographs of nature sites in Singapore and get to bring home their own masterpieces which could also double up as one-of-a-kind gifts.

Max Capacity: 20 pax
Fees: $10 per person (limited to one tote bag per person)
Materials: Participants are free to bring their own flowers or plants to be used for the session. Sizes should not exceed 8 by 11 inches. All other materials will be provided.


Polaroid Emulsion Lifts: Visual Storytelling
Date: 20 Sep 2015, Sun
Time: 11:00hr to 13:00hr
Instructor: Ms Kong Yen Lin


What is one story you wish to tell about Mother Nature? Set your imagination free and express it through the polaroid emulsion lift technique! Create unique prints using a vintage polaroid camera and then combine them with collage or words.

Max Capacity: 15 pax
Fees: $10 per person


Cyanotype Making: Blueprint of Nature (Butterflies)
Date: 26 Sep 2015, Sat
Time: 11:00hr to 13:00hr
Instructor: Ms Kong Yen Lin

butterflyIn collaboration with Nature Society (Singapore), this programme will introduce participants to the different butterfly species that can be found in Singapore, and be presented with how Singapore’s national butterfly was voted in a nation-wide campaign. Using photos of various butterfly species of Singapore, participants will get to create their own collection of cyanotype butterfly artworks.

Max Capacity: 25 pax
Fees: $8 per person

Cyanotype Making: A Pang of Blues (Pangolins)
Date: 27 Sep 2015, Sun
Time: 11:00hr to 13:00hr
Instructor: Ms Kong Yen Lin

SundaPangolinIn collaboration with The Pangolin Story, this workshop will introduce participants to the wonderful pangolins that live in our forests in Singapore. Participants will get to learn about its features, lifestyles and habitats of the pangolin, a critically endangered species in Singapore due to habitat loss and poaching. Participants get to make their own pangolin prints and bring home their artworks.

Max Capacity: 25 pax
Fees: $8 per person


‘Creative conversations about conservation’
27 January 2015, University of Queensland, St Lucia, Brisbane, Queensland.
Part of the Student Conference on Conservation Science 2015, presented by Dr Cathy Oke, Dr Ascelin Gordon and Payal Bal.

workshopThis workshop is an opportunity for conference participants to think about conservation science research from a creative perspective through a facilitated open space workshop focusing on the conservation-art interface. Students will be encouraged to think about how an emotional and artistic response to scientific research could more effectively engage the public with conservation issues and encourage behaviour change.