Luis Mata: A native bee from the Megachilidae family; An assassin bug (Gminatus australis)

5. Luis Mata - Native bee
A  native bee from the Megachilidae family
5. Luis Mata - G australia on senecio
An assassin bug (Gminatus australis)

Artwork paired with a symposium at the Ecological Society of Australia conference 2015

Artist: Luis Mata

Symposium  7: Pollination ecology down-under: what’s its future?

Medium: Photographs


Luis Mata is an ecologist with a keen interest in insects, conservation science and quantitative methods. He says: ‘I am fascinated by insects because I believe that, whether as individuals or aggregated into super-organisms, they are interesting, valuable and aesthetically pleasing life forms. I am particularly impressed by their functional and taxonomical diversity. I enjoy discovering and learning form nature through photography. Capturing aesthetically pleasing images of living beings is probably one of the best ways to bring art and science together.’

The photo of the native bee was taken at Systems Garden at the University of Melbourne’s Parkville Campus. This image is one in a series of biodiversity photorecords gathered as part of the insect ecology and conservation project ‘The little things that run the city’—a collaboration between RMIT and the City of Melbourne. The assassin bug (Gminatus australis) was photographed on Razorback ridge in the Alpine National Park, Victoria. Here, the bug is predating a caterpillar on alien Senecio plant.

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