Glen Norris: Australian kestrel (Falco cenchroides) & the Australian hobby (Falco longipennis)

Australian kestrel (Falco cenchroides)
Australian hobby (Falco longipennis)

Artwork paired with a symposium at the Ecological Society of Australia conference 2015

Artist: Glen Norris

Symposium 8: The contribution of private conservation organisations to advances in ecological understanding

Media: Photography

Glen Norris is the Reserve Manager at Bush Heritage’s Boolcoomatta Reserve, a 63000 ha private protected area in South Australia. Glen has spent many years in the arid rangelands, having lived and worked on Bon Bon Reserve before relocating to Boolcoomatta. He describes the photos…

The Kestrel is an everyday part of the Boolcoomatta landscape and I feel very fortunate, as they are a stunning bird. The Hobby is less common and a little more discreet but a resident at Boolcoomatta. I took the photo of the Kestrel on a mature Red Gum in the Oonatra Floodout; the Hobby on a dead Mulga on the slope of a typical rocky hill. I was on my way into the Oonatra Floodout to undertake African boxthorn control when I came across the Kestral bird. It was unusual, as I have rarely seen them perched like that for so long. Fortunately I had my camera and I managed to capture a sharp image. The bird remained perched and I gazed at it for some time through my binoculars and again felt fortunate to be sharing the same environment. I observe many birds throughout my daily field activities, however I rarely find the time to specifically go bird watching on my weekend. This photo was on my way back from Dome Rock where I was in search of a Peregrine Falcon. It caught my eye as I initially thought it was a Peregrine, however on closer inspection revealed a Hobby having lunch! I again reflected how lucky I was to be sharing the same environment as this bird and resolved to go bird watching more often on my days off to simply ‘be’ in a moment with our local wildlife.

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