Ascelin Gordon: Potential


Artwork paired with a symposium at the Ecological Society of Australia conference 2015

Artist: Ascelin Gordon

Symposium 1: Advances in the ecology and management of production landscapes

Medium: Digital image


This image was generated while modelling the resistance of different landscape features to dispersal for the endangered Southern Brown Bandicoot species (Isoodon obesulus), in the Southeast of Melbourne. The modelling was undertaken using the Circuitscape software, which applies ideas from circuit theory (i.e. electronics) to map the resistance of different pathways between source populations. The idea is that the mathematical theory describing the flow of electrons in a wire can also be applied to the flow of species through a landscape. The two light patches in the image represent bandicoot source populations and the colour at each location represents the ‘potential’ of each point in the landscape in relation to these source populations (analogous to voltage in circuit theory). Connectivity modelling such as this could also be useful for understanding the link between the agricultural practices and their impact on species of conservation significance.

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