Zoë Metherell and Tanja Straka; ‘The Shared Habitat: Understanding and Linking the Needs of Insectivorous Bats and People at Urban Wetlands’

3. Bats and Wetlands PhD Illustration by Zoe Metherell - ver 3 more bats

Artwork paired with a symposium at the Ecological Society of Australia conference 2015

Artists: Zoë Metherell and Tanja Straka

Symposium 3: Advances in urban ecology and research practice: solutions through communication, collaboration and coordination

Media: Hand drawn photoshop collage

This artwork by Zoë Metherell illustrates the interdisciplinary PhD research of Tanja Straka. Tanja investigated urban wetland characteristics that provide good insectivorous bat habitat and which are simultaneously aesthetically pleasing to people (hence the speech balloon ‘I like this wetland’). The artwork illustrates the features of these habitats and hints at other aspects of Tanja’s research including artificial light, water pollution and bat diet. Zoë and Tanja are both PhD students at the Australian Research Centre for Urban Ecology and appear in the artwork (Zoë on the right and Tanja with the red skirt). They share a common passion for the visual arts and science, particularly urban ecology. Zoë is a practicing landscape architect whose own research is in ecological design. She also enjoys scientific illustration and first completed the artwork as the front cover of Tanja’s PhD thesis.

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